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The UFC has postponed its next three events, which were scheduled to take place over the course of March through April due to the growing impact of the coronavirus. This news sent a shock through the world as the Ultimate Fighting Championships was one of the last operating sports organizations.

With the organization cancelling the last three events this leaves and the New York athletic commission confirming they will not hold the event April 18th, UFC 249 is still a toss up and all the fans are worrying about seeing the all time build up between the current and undefeated UFC Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson (15-1).Belal Thumbnail

Mentally prepared with everything going on around him, UFC welterweight and upcoming division prospect Belal Muhammad is trying to stay ready for whatever is thrown at him. 

Now gyms across the United States closing down to minimize group interactions left Belal having to relocated back home in Chicago, IL where he will continue his camp at "VFS" Valle Flow Striking full time as well as Milwaukee's Roufus Sport Academy once things start to simmer down. 

I asked Belal:                                                                                                                                            "Do you feel effected by any of this?" I asked Belal.

Belal responded:                                                                                                                             "I'd say I'm effected, not by illness or anything. Just more worry and just not knowing whats going to happen, if the fights going to go on or not. I seen fights get cancelled the last three weeks, and they are still saying they are going to push this one through so its like, you want to train hard and you want to push yourself but theres still the unknown, so you don't know if its going to get cancelled last second, if you're just doing all this for not a goal in the long run but I mean I'm getting better, I'm training, I'm drilling I'm doing a lot of stuff to better myself as a fighter anyways so if I don't get this fight because it doesn't go through. I'll be ready for a fight once the doors do open and we are able to start going hard so I'm going to stay ready cause I know once the doors open everybody is going to be trying to flood through and trying to get on every single card so."

Belal Muhammad still has hope with the event not yet canceled and continues to train as he will be facing off against Lyman Good, April 18th. The UFC has not released a location or any information on this event as of yet.